Theorie Level 1

900 €

The principles of Ayurveda

Introduction of Philosophy / History / Mythology

Life according to Ayurveda

Basic principles:

5 elements

Prakruti / uniqueness of the body

Tridosha / human constitution

Function of Vata, Pitta, Kapha


Alimentation according to Ayurveda


followed by Level II../ III.....

Ayurvedic alimentation: 900 €

Beauty treatments in Ayurveda: 450 €


Massage - courses

Participant only upon completion of Theorie level  I

Champi -indian headmassage - 320 €

Abhyanga - 990 €

Jambira Pinda Sweda - 1140 €

Shirodhara - 590 €

Marmapoint therapy 1600 €

(upon completion level II&III)


Minimum 3 participants.

Courses individuales:

1 hour theorie: 90 €
1 hour practice: 120 €



Urban Ayurveda in Palma

With Lotusoma

Centro de Ayurveda

& Earth Yoga

Next retreat: on request

7 day cleansing detox, regeneration and rejuvenation retreat

These seven days are for those people who want to do something for their health preventively.

Due to the cleansing and rejuvenating effect of the treatments, you will successful strengthen your body and spirit, aiding, maintaining and improving your life force.

During the treatment, the Doshas ( the three fundamental bodily bio-elements called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) will be brought back into balance.

 By applying an ayurvedic diet, combined with ayurvedic herbs and ayurvedic treatments the following can be achieved:

- Agni : correction of the digestive fire 

- Ama : indigested Toxins will be eliminated 

- Srotas : body channels will be cleaned

- Dhatus : Tissues will be strengthened

- Oja : Body essence will be built up

- Tired joints will become suppler

- You will begin to feel not only fitter, but also more energized.


The treatment will be supported by Earth Yoga.

Well-trained and experienced yoga teachers, have put together a group program that combines yoga and meditation.

Individual sessions can be arranged.

The following is a breakdown of the daily schedule:

- Each day begins with ayurvedic hot ginger water followed by fresh fruits

- 7:00 Hot water and fresh fruits

- 8:00 Yoga

- 9:30 – 13:00 Individual treatments

- 13:00 Lunch

- 14:00 – 18:00 Individual treatments

- 18:00 Yoga / Meditation

- 19:30 -20:00 light dinner


Treatment plan:

After receiving your initial individual consultation, a schedule of treatments catering to your individual needs will be allocated. (herbs , oils, lifestyle practices, home remedies)

The daily individually allocated treatments will take between 1,5-2 hours /day.

Treatments being used depending on needs.

Abhyanga: Full body warm oil massage - relaxes, strengthens the immune system, has a rejuvenating, overall purifying and therapeutic effect.

Abhyanga with sauna: Activation of the bodies metabolisms and detoxifying of the body. (Especially important before the start of purgation)

Marma Therapy: An Abhyanga massage concentrating on Marma (energy) points:

Functions on a energetic and body level, to harmonize, release blocked Marma points, (including areas of the body) from emotional, mental and physically stress.

Pinda sveda/kizhi: depending on your needs, we will prepare hot herbal pouches to help stimulate and detoxify the bodies tissue.

The powerful effects of this full-body massage will improve circulation, dissolve toxins, reduce water retention, swellings, cellulite, muscle and joint pain.

Udwartanam: massage with a herbal powder.

This massage can be performed on dry or previously oiled skin and is mainly used for people experiencing an overabundance of Ama (toxins) and Kapha (doscha).

Helps in the reduction of fatty tissue and slags, tissue purifying and detoxifying.

Improves skin appearance - creating velvety, tender, translucent skin.

Stimulates circulation and is used as an anti-cellulite treatment.

Nasyam - nasal oiling’s,.

Free’s and relieves nasal cavities.

Shirodhara – A hot oil flows slowly in a pendulum motion over the forehead (third eye).

This treatment leads to deep relaxation and clarity. Helping to ease sleep disorders, nervousness and headaches. Also improves concentration, hormone balance and the nervous system.

Enema with herbal decoctions or oils.

Detoxifies and nourishes depending on the herbs

Lepams herbal packs

Release Day: herbs to drain stimulate the digestive tract.

Padabhyanga: concentrating on legs and feed


Price all inclusive: 2800 €


What is included in these 7 days?

Beautiful accommodation in Palma - 7 nights.

Ayurveda treatments and herbs

Ayurveda food and drinks

Yoga and meditation

Information regarding upandcoming retreats: available on request



3 days TOTAL relaxation

Today, with all the stress we experience in our daily life, it is very important to make a break and refill your batteries.

We created this 3 day Ayurveda-program to relax your body and mind, to help your nervous-system to deal with stress.

We offer you a combination of Ayurveda treatments together with Yoga and meditation – supported by Earth Yoga


Treatment plan:

We will start with a consultation session, to setting of the treatments for your individual needs. (herbs , oils, lifestyle practices, home remedie)

1. Marma Therapy - An Abhyanga oil massage focusing on Marmas (energy points):

Works on the energetic and body level. to harmonize, unblock points and areas in the body from emotional, mental and physically stress

2 Abhyanga treatments followed by Shirodhara

The Abhyanga full body massage relaxes, strengthens the immune system, is rejuvenating the body and overall has a cleansing and liberating effect

Shirodhara - An oil-herbal mixture flows slowly and in a pendulum motion over the third eye, forehead and head. This treatment leads to deep relaxation and mental clarity. It helps ease sleeping disorders, nervousness and headaches. Also mproves concentration, hormone balance and the nervous system.

3 x Yoga /Meditation 

Price : 750 €

We can help you to find accommodation and the right food / but it is not included in Price




Panchakarma en India

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Next upandcoming ayurvedic Courses and retreats available on request