Ayurveda Treatments

Consultation: 120 €

Prakruti analysis (detailed examination to determine body type according ayurvedic principals). Advice for treatments, lifestyle, home remedies and diet. This analysis should be given before undertaking your first ayurvedic treatment.

Abhyanga - traditional: 120 €

Oil massage with warm ayurvedic oils - anti-stress treatment, improves lymphatic systems (water retention) and blood circulation, relieves back pain, anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome and rejuvenates.

Abhyanga - synchronized:  155 €

4-Hand-oilmassage > see details Abhyanga

Abhyanga & Marma therapy:  159 €

intensive individual oil treatment, concentrating on marma points and balancing of chakras, functions on an energetic and body level to harmonize and release blocked Marma points from emotional, mental and physically stress.

Shirodhara: 120 €

Ancient Indian relaxation head therapy - head treatment and massage. Warm ayurvedic oil flows slowly in a pendulum motion over the forehead. The treatment leads to deep relaxation, mental clarity, helps ease sleeping disorders, nervousness and headaches. Also improves concentration, hormone balance and the nervous system.


Udwarthanam: 145 €

4-hand herbal powder massage - this can be performed on dry or previously oiled skin. It is mainly used for Ama (toxins) and Kapha (Dosha) excess. Helps in reduction of fatty tissue, weight loss, purifying and detoxifying. improves skin appearance - creating velvet, translucent, tender skin. Stimulates circulation and is used as an anti-cellulite treatment

Podikizhi: 155 €

4-hand-patting massage with hot herbal powder pouches - detoxifies, reduces water retention and swellings, revitalizes and strengthens the body. Also improves movement within the joints.

Jambira Pinda Sweda: 155 €

4-hand anti-cellulite-treatment - powerful massage with hot herbal- pouches improves circulation, dissolves toxins, reduces water retention, swellings and improves skin appearance

Navarakizhi: 165 €

Massage with pouches filled with medicated rice dipped into herbal warm milk- a highly effective anti-aging and rejuvenation treatment, one of the most popular therapies used to relieve aches, pains and stiffness, improves complexion of skin, promotes digestion and restores vigor, used after cancer therapies to detox the tissues.

Pizhichill: 210 €

Oil-bath (Kings bath) – balancing Vata , revitalizing the body,  hot ayurvedic herbal oils are poured over the whole body.

Lemonkizhi: 65 €

Back, neck and shoulder treatment with a hot herbal pouch

Nasya: 45 €

Panchakarma treatment, head massage and steam inhalation, administration of herbal oils to heal, free and relieve  blocked conditions of the head area, (sinusitis, headache, sore throat)

Ayurvedic ear treatment: 50 €

Cleaning and relaxing ear-treatment with special ear candles, re-balancing and strengthening of your system

Lepana: 35 €

Plaster & poultice of herbal pastes

Kati Basti: 50 €

Oil treatment for back pain. Mini bath of hot ayurvedic herbal oils.

Padabhyanga: 55 €

Foot and leg massage. Relieves tired and swollen legs through the lymphatic action

Shiroabhyanga: 55 €

Indian head massage - head, neck and shoulders

Upanahasveda/Back massage: 55 €

Intense massage of back, shoulders and neck with warm ayurvedic oils.

Mucabhyanga / Facial massage: 50 €


Combination Abhyanga & Shirodhara: 195 €


Combination Abhyanga & Svedana/ Sauna: 150 €

Svedana is highly recommended before purgation and is very effective in helping to eliminate built up toxins in the body. 

Anti-stress treatment, 3 Days: 700 €

3 days with intensive relaxation treatments,  with a combination of consultation, Marma therapy, Svedana, Abhyanga & Shirodhara

Pizhichill, 3 Days: 500 €

deep relaxation and revitalication of the body

Detox and rejuvenation week: from 850 €

5 days treatments, We create a special diet and activity plan with daily Ayurveda treatments specific for your needs.

Urban Ayurveda retreat: 2800 €

7 day detox, regeneration and rejuvenation program, with accommodation, ayurvedic food & drinks, treatments, yoga & meditation , all included

Dates and info  will be posted find in the News area or on request

10 Days to 3 Weeks- other courses of treatments (such as weight-loss treatments)

on request


Ayurvedic Beauty Treatments

Face pack treatment: 90 €

Cleansing, massage and peeling followed by fruit and powder mask


Additional treatments 

The Reconnection & Healing through reconnection by Dr. Eric Pearl

The Reconnection: 333 €

Reconective Healing: 100 €

Energetic treatment, working on your higher vibration