Ayurveda Tratments

Consultation, 60 EUR

Pakrut analysis (detailed examination to determine the constitution type from an ayurvedic point of view) advice for treatments and diet. This analysis should be done before your first Ayurvedic Treatment. with Annett Levy Therapist for Ayurveda y Naturopath

Consultation with the Indian doctor Doc. Bharat Negi, 60 EUR; for clients with chronical or acut problems

Traditional Abhyanga,  80 EUR

Oil massage with original ayurvedic oils - anti-stress treatment, improves lymphatic systems- detoxifying, balance of liquids, blood circulation, relieves back pain, anxiety, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, rejuvenation.

Synchronous Abhyanga,  95 EUR

4-Hand-oilmassage > see details Abhyanga

Abhyanga Deluxe,  99 EUR

intensive and individual oil treatment, marma point massage and balancing of chakras, see details Abhyanga

Shirodhara, 89 EUR

Ancient Indian relaxation therapy, head treatment and massage, original ayurvedic oils will be poured over forehead. Helps in insomnia and for the whole nerve-system.

Udwarthanam, 80 EUR

4-hand herbal powder massage - stimulates metabolism, reduction of cellulite, weight loosing, improves skin tone.

Podikizhi, 95 EUR

4-hand-patting massage with hot herbal powder pouches - detoxifies, strengthens, revitalises, lubricates the joints.

Jambira Pinda Sweda, 95 EUR

4-hand anti-cellulitis-treatment

Navarakizhi, 125 EUR

Massage with pouches filed with medicated rice dipped into herbal warm milk- a highly effective anti-aging and rejuvenation treatment, one of the most popular therapies used to relieve aches, pains and stiffness, improves complexion of skin, promotes digestion and restores vigor.

Pizhichill, 140 EUR

Oil-bath (KKings bath) – balancing Vata , revitalizing.

Lemonkizhi, 45 EUR

Neck and shoulder treatment

Nasya, 35 EUR

Panchakarma treatment, head massage and steam inhalation, administration of herbal

Uddhylanam/Lepana, 35 EUR

compresses of herbal pastes

Kati Basti, 30 EUR

Oil treatment for back pain.

Padabhyanga, 35 EUR

Foot and leg massage.

Shiroabhyanga, 35 EUR

Indian head massage - head, neck and shoulders

Upanahasveda/Back massage, 35 EUR

Intense massage of back, shoulders and neck with ayurvedic oils.

Combination Abhyanga & Shirodhara, 140 EUR

Anti-stress treatment, 3 Days, 350 EUR

Treatment or intensive relaxation with a combination of Abhyanga and Shirodhara

Pizhichill, 3 Days, 370 EUR

Detox and rejuvenation week, from 540 EUR

We create a special diet and activity plan with daily Ayurveda treatments specific for your needs.

10 Days to 3 Weeks- other courses of treatments (such as weight-loss treatments)

on request

Ayurvedic Beauty Treatments

Face pack treatment, 55 EUR

Cleansing, massage and peeling followed by fruit and powder mask

The Reconnection & Healing through reconnection by Dr. Eric Pearl

The Reconnection, 333 EUR

Reconective Healing, 75 EUR